Kevin Burch

The 1% Parenting Expert

Kevin's mother was 16 when he was born, and by the time of his 18th birthday she had been divorced three times. Kevin has only two vague memories of seeing his father as a child, and as a result of all this began reading psychology and self-help books age 13 in an attempt to figure things out.


Nonetheless, despite high-level academic success, during his 20s Kevin found it hard to find a clear direction in life, to make money or to form good relationships. Age 31 Kevin did marry, and he became step-father to a 10-year-old boy. But his inner emotional conflict continued, and age 40 he found himself divorced and in $110,000 of personal debt (i.e. on top of mortgages).

However, in the meantime his own beloved daughter had been born, and Kevin resolved to finally deal with his childhood issues both for his sake and for hers.


He thus set three goals:

  • To clear his childhood baggage and discover and apply the keys to creating emotional, relationship and financial stability in his life

  • To use these insights, and his experience as a qualified teacher, in his practice as a Confidence Coach to help kids and parents, and

  • To give his daughter the strong parental guidance he himself had lacked, so that she would not have to learn these lessons the hard way.

So he got coaching and mentoring. He took multiple courses with world leaders in relationships, financial planning, parenting, health, emotional intelligence and success psychology. He read voraciously. And – most importantly – he applied what he learned, both in his own life and in the way he raised and guided his daughter.


And today, after over 1,000 hours spent being coached and attending courses, and many tens of thousands of dollars invested:

  • Kevin is at peace with his childhood, his debt is long gone and has been replaced by a six-figure net worth, and he has co-created a fulfilling marriage with a successful, intelligent and beautiful woman,

  • He has helped thousands of child and parent clients improve their self-esteem, their school lives and their relationships, and

  • He has nurtured a close and collaborative relationship with his teenage daughter, supporting her to be well-adjusted, academically successful and wise beyond her years (she has just applied to Oxford University, and at age 18 saves over 30% of her income into the stock market – a habit rather different from her father’s at the same age!)

Kevin's mission now is to teach likeminded, highly-committed parents the distillation of the very best of this wisdom, so that they can pass it on to their own children – even those who seem reluctant to listen – so that they too can thrive in the years and decades to come.

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